We clean and restore curtains, carpets, rugs, upholstery, and cushion covers according to the individual requirements of the fabrics. Moreover, we accept sofa, luxurious carpet, baby clothes, toddler clothes, and plush toys as well as those which need high hygiene intensity.

Your household properties such as rugs and carpets usually have some common problems including but not limited to dust mites, pollen/allergens, worn, soiled traffic areas, animal dander.

Jeeves uses a two-step steam carpet cleaning system includes the use of a pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove any leftover cleaner along with all the dirt. This leaves you with cleaner, softer, and a more beautiful carpet.

We understand that transporting rugs or sofas can be difficult, so for bulky items many of our customers choose to make use of our Pick-Up & Delivery Service.