The Seven Stages of Garment Care

Our customers trust us to care for their clothes and household textiles. To ensure the same exacting quality standards and meticulous attention to detail is given to every garment that comes through our doors, Jeeves of Belgravia has developed the Seven Stages of Garment Care. Click on each of the stages below to find out more about the care your favourite piece will enjoy. 



Garments are thoroughly inspected and prepared for cleaning. This can include surface and structural surveying, evaluating for serviceability and button, ornamental or embellishment protection. When required, particularly delicate embellishments may be removed prior to cleaning, if this is the case careful photographs will be taken of the garment to ensure absolute precision in reapplication to the finished garment.



Performed by professionals using proven traditional and advanced modern techniques and drawing from Jeeves’ 40 years of experience.



Dry-cleaning, laundering and hand cleaning procedures using the finest technology, extensive classification and only the purest of solvents. All dry cleaning at Jeeves uses gentle yet effective environmentally-friendly alternatives to the commonly used perchloroethylene, which are proven to be kinder to fabrics and to the environment.


Minor Repairs

Jeeves attends to loose hems, open seams, loose buttons, missing buttons and other minor repairs as part of our service.


Hand Finishing

Pressers of the highest standard individually finish your garment to your specific requirements.


Final Inspection

Every garment is formally inspected in detail to ensure that it is at its very best before being reunited with its owner.



Most garments are individually protected with a quality robe. We make extensive use of tissue, custom hangers and specially designed bags and boxes in order to ensure your garments’ safe return to your wardrobe. However you can rest assured that, as an environmentally responsible company, we always seek to reuse or recycle and to minimise unnecessary packaging whilst preserving quality standards.